How to Improve Your Liver Function?

Are you overweight, diabetic or the one who consumes alcohol frequently? Then you are at a greater risk of a liver disease. As said by the learned, ‘Precaution is better than cure’. The same applies to your liver. The best way to fight liver diseases is to prevent them.

If you stay a bit conscious about your lifestyle and diet, you can easily improve your liver function and overall health. Reading and following these easy liver health tips is a lot better than being forced to find the best liver transplant hospital in India; isn’t it?

Balanced diet

Avoid too much of carbohydrates such as bread, rice and pasta, and sugar. Prefer including fibre-rich food such as fresh fruits vegetables, low-fat products like milk, a bit of meat and cheese, raw honey, green tea, the good fats (monounsaturated) like vegetable oil, nuts and fish.


Curcumin, a component of turmeric is known for its liver-protecting properties. It is said to help in protecting your liver against chemicals and drugs and also has the capability to reverse fatty liver. Adding this liver-friendly spice to your food can prevent the formation of scar tissues and thus prevent the need of liver transplant in India or elsewhere.


It is important to stay hydrated so ensure that you drink a plenty of water every day. It helps in the detoxification process, making it easier for your liver to perform its function. Filtered water is what you need.

Healthy weight

Are you obese or slightly overweight? You should definitely consider losing weight but not too fast. Losing weight can improve liver function but too much of it too fast can lead to inflammation in the liver. Do it slowly but steadily.


Reduce stress

Stress or emotional problems like relationship issues, holding on guilt, feeling anger or anxiety, are said to have negative impact on your overall health. Stress can affect your digestive, reproductive and immune system, along with your liver. Let go of built-up anger and negativity to enjoy beautiful, healthy life with a healthy liver.

Boosting liver health will help you prevent a hundred diseases, get clearer skin, reduce menstrual pain, fewer infections, strong immunity, better digestion, sharper mind and good mood. Your liver is not just the largest but also the hardest working organ of your body. Ensure to keep it healthy to improve your overall body functions.

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Best Food to Keep your Liver Healthy

Liver is not just the largest but also one of the most essential organs of a human body. It performs over 500 vital roles such as producing proteins, cholesterol and bile juices, helping in digestion, storing vitamins and minerals, enhancing your immune system and breaking down toxic materials like alcohol and medications.

liver-health-655x353Read on to know how the right food can keep your liver healthy and help you maintain your overall health. Including the right food in your diet can prevent you from visiting any liver transplant success rate in India in the long run.


Coffee is one of the most liver-friendly beverage in this world. It not only protects your liver but also helps in healing the existing liver issues you might have. Drink coffee and you never have to search for doctors with 100% successful liver transplant hospital in India.

Beetroot Juice

Beetroot juice prevents inflammation in the liver and causes an increase in natural detoxification enzymes. This saves your liver from some hard work and helps it stay fit.


Grapes, especially the red and purple ones are said to improve liver function within three months. You may eat them raw or savour grape juice.


After oxygen, our body needs water the most. You should drink 8-ounces of water every day to keep yourself healthy and energised. However, don’t overdo as too much of water can be harmful too.

Dark Leafy Greens

Dark leafy green vegetables support your liver in detoxification and also help in digestion. Eat fresh greens to reduce your liver’s work.

Protect your liver from infections or any damage by adding these liver-friendly food to your everyday diet. These food can help your liver function at its best.

Facts You Need to Know about Liver Transplant

Liver transplant surgery is the only viable cure for end-stage liver diseases and liver failure. It’s been decades that surgeons have been performing liver transplant surgeries to help liver patients in leading totally normal lives.

Read on to know some facts about liver transplant, the need for it, donors, survival rate and the cost of liver transplant at different centres.

  • Need for liver transplant: Liver transplant is required to treat severe liver diseases such as cirrhosis of liver. In most cases doctors only recommend liver transplant when your liver loses 80-90% of its functionality or suffers permanent damage.

  • To know if a patient needs to undergo liver transplant surgery, the top liver transplant surgeon in India evaluates you through a variety of tests and by analysing your medical history.
  • You cannot undergo a liver transplant surgery if you have cancer or any serious heart or nerve disease. Patients with active alcohol or drug abuse are also not eligible for transplant.
  • Act regulating transplants: Though liver transplant is legal in India, the Transplantation of Human Organs Act (Act No. 42, 1994) prevents hospitals or doctors from commercial dealing in human organs and also provides certain regulations for the removal, storage and transplantation of organs for treatment purposes.
    According to this act, the donor cannot be below 18 years of age and must agree voluntarily to donate his liver. Also, the donor has to be a close relative in case of living donor liver transplant.


  • MELD and PELD scores: When you are recommended a liver transplant, you will be put in a waiting list among other patients waiting for a donor. Patients are given priority based on their MELD score, which is determined after three simple tests – creatinine, bilirubin and INR.
    For children, PELD (Pediatric End Stage Liver Disease) score is considered.
    Patients with highest scores are transplanted first.
  • Donated liver: The new liver may come from any of the two sources – living donor or deceased donor.
    Since liver has the capability to regenerate, even living donors can donate a part of their liver to save their loved ones. Their liver would regrow to its normal size in a few weeks.

If the doctor has recommended liver transplant surgery to you or to any of your loved ones, knowing these facts will help you prepare for the surgery in a better way. Wish you or your family member a normal, healthy life!

Hepatitis C is the main cause of liver failure in India

Hepatitis C is a virus infection, whose severity can range from mild illness to critical lifetime ailment. Around 300 million people around the world are infected by this virus but a majority of them don’t even know about it.

But HCV infection attacks the liver. It slowly causes inflammation and damage in your liver over several years, giving rise to a number of liver-related illnesses. Hepatitis C is one of the leading causes of cirrhosis of liver and liver cancer, which leads to liver failure. You will get to know about the problem only when a lot of damage has already occurred and all you can do is to rush to the top liver transplant surgeon in India.


Hepatitis C leads to Cirrhosis of Liver

HCV infection keeps attacking your liver, progressing from inflammation to permanent damage and scarring of tissues. Most people do not observe any symptoms for decades until they have cirrhosis of liver. Symptoms of cirrhosis are as follows:

  • Fatigue
  • Easy bleeding
  • Yellowing of skin and eyes
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Lack of concentration and memory
  • Weight loss
  • Swelling in legs

But not all people with HCV infection will get cirrhosis. You can increase your risk of cirrhosis by consuming a lot of alcohol or having high iron levels in your blood.

Cirrhosis puts you at risk of liver cancer

During cirrhosis, your healthy liver cells are replaced with scarred tissues. Though your liver tries to heal itself by developing new cells, a mutation can happen causing cancerous tumours in your liver. This way you may develop liver cancer over time.

The only treatment for people with end-stage liver disease is a liver transplant. If diagnosed with any such disease, you should not wait any more to visit the top success rate of liver transplant or anywhere in the country and get your treatment started.

If you have Hepatitis C, you should visit specialists in liver care to get treated. You are advised not to consume alcohol and drugs. Following guidelines of your doctor and taking anti-viral drugs since initial stages can eliminate your risk of developing severe liver conditions and help you stay healthy.It is better to start the treatment early.

New Year resolution- Keep your Liver Healthy

If you are asked what your New Year resolutions are, you will probably answer like showing up at the gym, avoiding alcohol or improving your life from various aspects. Good to know if you have healthy goals but how much are you concerned about the most vital organ in body ‘Liver.


We all are concerned about our health and trying to achieve a healthy living by doing the number of things.  But have you ever considered focusing on one thing at a time in order to stay healthy? Most of our health issues caused by the food we eat and your liver play a vital role in digesting it. So why not take a pledge to improve the functioning of the liver, which is constantly working and performing more than 500 functioning to give you a healthy digestion and a toxin-free body. So let’talk about how can you keep your liver healthy?

  1. 1. Avoid what your liver hates- 

  • Stress
  • Alcohol
  • Excessive sugary drinks or foods
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  1. Lose weight to prevent overloading your liver- 

You have to maintain a healthy body weight if you are really concerned about liver health. Don’ starves yourself in order to slim down, there are better ways to do this. You just need to balance your diet, add healthy foods like leafy vegetables, fruits and juices, and be conscious what are you eating especially in dinner. Beware unprocessed food and liquids may overload your digestive system and cause fatty waste. Such conditions may cause acute liver failure, where your liver becomes damaged and it can only be treated with a liver transplantation. AILBS india, one of the liver transplant cost in India, affordable and qualified staff.

  1. Be active and exercise daily- 

Sedentary life is the enemy. Many of us sitting for long hours and adding extra weight which is not good for the body. Dr. Vivek Vijliver transplant surgeon in India, top liver transplant doctors says-Sitting is the major cause of diabetes and sudden weight gain. In order to balance body weight, you have to follow a strict workout routine. Aim for 30 minutes daily or 20 min if you are a late riser. It will help you controlling execs weight gain you are getting during sitting for prolonged hours.

Hepatomegaly: Enlargement of Liver


Your liver performs numerous functions in your body; it digests fats, stores sugar and fights off infections. You might not think twice about your liver if you are healthy. But when it starts troubling you, you need to take immediate actions. Today we are talking about a rare liver disease called hepatomegaly, in which your liver gets bigger than its actual size. It is actually a result of infections like hepatitis. If your doctor tells you that you have an enlarged liver, it means liver is swollen beyond its normal size. A liver that gets bigger-than a normal size, indicate a range of diseases. Your liver has big jobs to do; any malfunction in this organ can be dangerous for your entire bodily system.


What causes enlargement?

Hepatomegaly is a sign, which tissues in your liver are not working properly. There are number of reasons that causes enlargement. According to Dr. VivekVij, , who has been awarded by the Ministry of Health (Mongolia) and  has the highest success rate of Cost of Liver Transplant In India, suggested that  fatty liver caused by alcohol is one of the major and frequent causes of this condition. Studies show that over dose of medicines or using medication in an improper fashion and can contribute to the liver damage. So it is crucial to follow your prescription carefully. Some viral infections A, B, C, D may lead to an enlarged liver. Cancer can also be a factor if it spreads to the liver from an infected organ. Your liver is a very complex organ of your body so other diseases like leukaemia, lymphoma, multiple lymphoma and heart and blood vessel problems may form this condition indirectly.


Symptoms of liver enlargement

  • Feeling pain in the upper right belly
  • Muscle aches
  • Nausea or morning sickness
  • Bleeding gums
  • Bloody stool
  • Diarrhoea


If you are suffering from any of liver troubles along with common symptoms, consult your doc right away. Liver diseases accentuate rapidly into a fatal condition, therefore, it is necessary to regularly consult a doctor upon experiencing even the slightest of discomfort concerned with the liver region suggest by to Dr. VivekVij, a prominent doctor of transplant who has the success rate of liver transplant in India.

What to expect after living donor surgery?


Liver transplant is a critical surgical procedure where a damaged liver is replaced by a healthy liver. People suffering from acute failures are recommended a liver transplant surgery for a speedy recovery and a comfortable survival. There are two types of donor, deceased and living donor. The living-donor liver transplant involves, translating a portion of a liver from living donor to the recipient through a surgical procedure. Anyone from your family member can become a donor, depending upon his/her medical history. The duration of recovery for a donor involves three phrases evaluation, transplant surgery and post surgery. Let’s talk about major  points to be considered if you are a donor or going to become one.

Evaluation process

Both living donor and recipient need to undergo health and psychological evaluation at a transplant centre. The process involves physical exams of both the participants; include discussions related to potential benefits and risks of surgery and crucial factors. Liver transplant is a safe procedure although donating a portion of liver carries significant risks. Therefore, doctors always keep donor in loop the whole time.  To find a suitable donor for the recipient, a doctor will ask about his/her medical history involves drinking habits, chronic diseases and other conditions which are considered harmful for your liver. Often times, donors get disqualified in the process as they are not a suitable match for the recipient.

During surgery

On the day of surgery, doctors first operate on donor and remove a portion from donor’s liver. The surgery requires general anaesthesia and a large abdominal incision. The duration of surgery is approx four-six hours. It is advisable to follow the instructions given by team for a speedy healing.  All surgical procedures leave a scar on the body, don’t worry follow the instructions and keep on with your life. Dr. Vivek is the youngest liver transplant doctor in India, Fortis hospital with 100% success rate.


Post surgery

Liver donors are able to live an independent life after the surgery. You need to visit the centre first weeks, three months or for a year as instructed by your doctors. Liver donors can keep on with their daily tasks while recovering at home, like getting dressed, and be doing other simple daily activities. Don’t worries you will get back to normal life and don’t forget to keep in touch with your doctor during the recovery process. Ailbs offers the lowest cost of liver transplant in India with 100% success rate.