Fatty Liver (Hepatic Steatosis)

Steatosis, commonly known as Fatty Liver, is condition in which the fats accumulate in the liver. The degeneration of fats is reduced since the liver is unable to process them.  This results in the buildup of fats in the liver cells. Fatty liver is a reversing condition, it can be treated by changed behaviours in diet and routine. But, it is important that a person consults a doctor in this case, since steatosis can develop into cirrhosis, whose end stage is organ failure.


The onset stage can progress quickly and cause the scarring of tissues and replacement of the same by fibroids, or the end stage in which the liver fails to function. If precautions aren’t taken on time, the disease, as harmless it may seem, may progress to a fatal one,  as stated by Dr. Vivek Vij, having conducted more than 2500 cumulative top 5 liver transplant hospitals in Delhi.

The dietary therapy for reversing the condition depends solely upon the cause of this disease. Cost of liver transplant in India, top liver transplant surgeon of India, different forms of fatty liver need to be treated differently, as mentioned below:

  1. Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

This type of fatty liver is the outcome of alcohol abuse. Liver enzymes can only metabolize a certain amount of alcohol, therefore the excessive consumption of alcohol regularly, can lead to the inability of the organ to process fats. This is the onset stage of Liver Cirrhosis, which can often prove fatal. A patient must ensure to monitor their diet and behavior in this stage only, to avoid the steatosis to develop into cirrhosis. The following care must be taken by the patient to reverse this condition-

  • Abstinence from alcohol
  • Exercising regularly
  • Adequate supply of energy


  1. Non-Alcoholic Liver Fatty Disease

Whilst alcohol is the major reason behind steatosis, there are factors other than alcohol that often cause the accumulation of fats in the liver. The difficulty in breaking down fats can be because of obesity, high consumption of fats, high blood sugar etc. A patient must ensure of the following to reverse the disease-

  • Weight reduction
  • Minimum intake of high sugar
  • Avoidance of fats
  • Maintained blood sugar regulation
  • Exercising regularly

It is widely suggested by doctors that a patient makes sure that fatty liver does not develop into a rather harming disease, it is important that a patient consults their doctor regularly during this stage only.


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